Instances When A Visit to the Emergency Room Might Be Necessary

Instances When A Visit to the Emergency Room Might Be Necessary

While a trip to the emergency room is nowhere near the top of anyone’s wish lists, there are situations when this may be the only way to give you the urgent medical attention you or your loved one requires. The reason most people would rather avoid the emergency room is that they have a preconceived gruesome image of the room. They think of blood and surgeons cutting and stitching people in dire medical situations, just like it happens in the movies. While numerous surgical operations do happen in emergency rooms, you will be surprised how many patients get treated for seemingly ordinary but potentially life-threatening situations. Some instances of pain, ache or injuries may not be cause for urgent concerns, but when you are hit by a worrying intensity of any of the following cases, it is advisable to visit the emergency room such as Bellaire ER right away.


Syncope refers to the drop of the amount of blood in your brain leading to unconsciousness. This condition can lead to serious problems, for instance, accidents could occur if it happens when you are engaged in an activity. Seek emergency services immediately in case you start experiencing this problem.

Chest pains

Pain in the chest is not an illness, but it signifies that you may have a serious underlying health condition. When you start to experience chest pains, visit the nearest emergency room right away to have the problem sorted out.

Abdominal pain

Persistent abdominal pain may be an indication that you have one of the several severe underlying conditions, including liver injuries, food poisoning, or kidney stones. Immediately you start experiencing abdominal pain, do not hesitate to call an emergency services provider in your locality for immediate diagnosis.


A toothache can cause incredible discomfort and lead to loss of sleep, appetite and earache. A dentist may not provide the urgent solution to relieve the pain. A visit to emergency room thus becomes the most viable option.

Broken body parts

A broken leg or hand should be urgently attended to prevent further complications on the injury. Incidentally, broken limbs are some of the most common cases why people seek urgent medical attention in America. This type of injury often leads to severe pain, requiring you to visit the emergency room right away.


If you have ever experienced pain in one or both of your ears, you know the serious agony they can bring. An infection in your trachea can cause an earache. Sometimes an injury in the ear may be the cause of the problem. By visiting the emergency room, you can have the ear treated. Any oozing from your ear, or a swelling, should also prompt urgent medical attention which may be provided in the emergency room.


A sprain may cause incredible pain, not to mention persistent discomfort unless it is immediately attended to. Visit the emergency room quickly whenever you tear a ligament to have the problem addressed.


Some cases of flu may be so serious that you need to seek urgent medical attention. In such cases, it is advisable to seek help by visiting an emergency room.

Cut wounds

Whether resulting from everyday activities like kitchen accidents, from operating machinery at work, cuts may be very serious and require urgent medical care. Some deep cuts may lead to serious bleeding and potentially become life threatening. Additionally, open wounds may become quickly infected and lead to extremely serious complications. Always call an emergency room after you feel that the cut wound you have needs quick attention.

Head trauma

Cases of head trauma require prompt medical attention for the doctor to examine whether there may be internal bleeding, which could be life threatening. Injuries cause most cases of head trauma, and a visit to the emergency room is advisable.

Breathing problems

Any case of breathing difficulty needs urgent medical care. Lack of enough oxygen can lead to suffocation. Therefore, call an emergency room as soon as you realize you are gasping for air.


While headaches are a common problem for many people, they require swift attention when they become acute or persistent. A headache is a signal of an underlying health problem. Thus, you need to visit a doctor soon to have the diagnosis done to establish what condition you might have.


Continuous vomiting can prove to be very serious unless it is treated as soon as possible. Usually, it is caused by nausea, food poisoning, or stomach upsets. Visit an emergency room as soon as the problem becomes persistent.


Any fever is an indication that you have an illness in your body. A visit to the emergency room can help you get the quick medical care you require before the problem escalates.

Every day, numerous patients in need of medical attention seek immediate help in emergency rooms around the country. Knowing a reliable emergency room around you can help to get timely assistance when you need it the most. For many years, Bellaire ER has offered friendly, affordable, and top quality emergency room services. Visit any Bellaire ER service near you to find out the wide array of services on offer for you.