Keep from Getting Sick at Work with These Ten Tips

Keep from Getting Sick at Work with These Ten Tips
Getting sick at work is very disturbing more so during the busy days. Therefore, is vital to take charge of your health on a daily basis. In case you work in an environment with dozens of people you need to take caution in all that you choose to consume. Below are ten tips courtesy of Bellaire ER to help keep you from getting sick especially when at work.

Washing Your Hands Often

Not many people are used to washing their hands before meals and after visiting the washrooms, especially in certain workplaces. Washing your hands is crucial especially after greeting many clients. In case there is no access to clean running water and soap hand sanitizers will help do the trick. Washing hands helps keep infectious germs away from underneath your nails.

Avoid Touching Your Face

The eyes, nose, and mouth are often the primary avenues through which germs are introduced into the body. When you are at work and the flu season is on, resist touching your face after greeting the flu infected workmate as it is likely that you will also get infected. Bacteria can easily thrive in your hands more so under your nails. Therefore, if you frequently touch parts of your face, then the bacteria on your hands will find a way into your body.

Hold Your Breath

When a fellow workmate sneezes close to you as a result of the flu or any other infection holding your breath for at least ten seconds will help. Holding your breath allows for the released cloud of bacteria to disperse into the air. Only a small portion of the cloud of bacteria might find a way into your body and even if it does your body will have an easy fight thus reducing your chances of getting infected.

Get Fresh Air

Open the office windows to allow fresh air to get into the office. Sharing the air inside a closed environment is the reason many people get sick at work. There are days that the weather makes it very tricky to open the windows. However, it is advisable to open the windows just for small part of the day. Take some time outside in case you work in an environment with no windows.

Get Vaccinated

Prevention is better than cure. Vaccinations save lives as they prevent disease and enhance better living. To avoid getting sick getting the right vaccines in time will prevent you from getting sick especially when at work. In case you have to go to work in a region that is considered as a red zone for specific illness or disease getting vaccinated against such types of diseases will prevent you from getting sick.

Healthy Eating Habits

Eating a well prepared balanced diet is a way of ensuring you remain healthy way before you step into the office. Food that strengthens your overall body immunity is essential to prevent you from getting sick. The body needs proper nutrition to facilitate the white blood cells in protecting the body against any infections. Wrong eating habits provide a better environment where certain harmful bacteria thrive.


A good night’s sleep is very efficient in lowering your chances of getting sick. People who get at least five hours of sleep are less likely to catch a cold. No matter the level of stress you might be facing excellent sleep helps you cool off. Living with too much pressure is no doubt a recipe for getting sick. Better quality of sleep goes an extra mile in relieving stress levels thus indirectly reduces once chances of getting sick.


Regular exercises are vital to living a healthy life. It is advisable to exercise before going to work. A person is less likely to catch upper respiratory infections more so if they do not engage in regular exercises. Increased circulation of white blood cells is easily facilitated as a result of routine workouts.

Get Enough Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency results in lowered defense mechanism against colds and flu. Not forgetting that these are among the most common diseases that face numerous office workers. Get out often and get some sun exposure to facilitate increased levels of vitamin D. In case you do not get enough sunshine before winter take some Vitamin D pills to keep your body well equipped.


Laughter is considered the best medicine. Numerous research on the human body indicates that laughter can boost your immune system. Diaphragmatic breathing that happens when one is laughing causes lymphatic fluid to move 10 to 15 times faster and harder than it usually moves. It results in the increased flow in the number of lymphocytes circulating in the blood thus increased immunity.

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