Know When you Need a Doctor After Being Bitten by a Spider

We all dread spiders. They might look like relatively harmless creatures but if you get in their way, they will not hesitate to strike you and bite you. Although spider bites in the United States are very rare, they are accompanied with devastating consequences especially if they are not given proper medication.

There are more then 40,000 species of spiders found in the United States but only about 0.1% of these species are capable of biting and causing harm to humans. Actually, only two spiders that are native to the U.S can do any harm when they bite an individual. These are the black widows and the brown recluses which are very rare to come across. It is therefore not surprising that some people are comfortable enough to pet the fascinating creatures- a lot of them are harmless.

If you, just like me are scared of spiders and would love to stay safe from spider bites, then this guide will help you to identify the symptoms of spider bites, how to immediately deal with a spider bite and when to report a spider bite to an emergency room. Here is all you need to know about spider bites;

Most of the other species are relatively harmless

As early on mentioned, only a few species of spiders are capable of causing any harm after a bite; the brown recluses, hobo spiders and black widows. The other spiders are not any poisonous and even if they tried to bite you, their fangs are too weak and will not penetrate your skin to inject their venom. So, how can you tell that you have been bitten by a dangerous spider?

Symptoms of a poisonous spider bite

Sharp pain

Immediately after a poisonous spider bite, there will be a very painful sensation at the point of penetration. The pain is down to the puncturing of the skin as the spider penetrates to inject its venom.

Swelling at the site of the bite

Besides the pain, there will be swelling at the site of the bite. The swelling is as a result of the body sending antibodies to try and counter the foreign substance that has been injected into the body.

Severe stomach pains and cramps

Just like when someone gets bitten by a poisonous snakes, a spider bite will be accompanied by stomach pains and cramps of the abdominal muscles. The venom from the spider causes rapid muscle contractions and is responsible for the cramps.

Nausea and vomiting

The other symptom that should help you identify a poisonous spider bite, is the constant vomiting and sickening nausea that accompanies the bite. The poison injected into the blood stream, affects brain activity and will cause the stomach upsets and rapid vomiting. The nausea is normally accompanied by blurred vision and if you don’t get urgent medical care, you could lose your life after a few hours.

Headache and profuse sweating

The other symptom that accompanies poisonous spider bites, is the profuse sweating and throbbing headaches. The sweating is down to the induced fever which is the body’s response to the injection of a foreign toxic substance and the headache is related to the alteration of brain activity by the injected venom.

Swollen lymph nodes

Lymph nodes are crucial in the body’s defense mechanism. They help filter out fluid flowing through them and traps any foreign pathogens. If you are experiencing swollen or soft lymph nodes, it means that there is an accumulation of fluids and this is indicative of presence of venom in your system and you need to rush to the nearest emergency room and get urgent medical care.

High blood pressure

The other symptom of venomous spider bites is the fact that they will result in an increase in the blood pressure. There will therefore be an increase in the heart beating rate and this will be followed by difficulties in the breathing. When it gets to this levels, it means that the poison has spread to the vital organs of the body and you need to get medical care as soon as possible.

What are the first aid measures for spider bites at home?

If you suspect a spider bite at home, then use a cold ice pack on and off the site of the bite for a few minutes to numb the pain. Antihistamine has also been found to reduce the itching and irritation.

Seek medical care as soon as possible

Because you can conclusively tell when a poisonous spider has bitten you, it is imperative to rush to the nearest emergency room and report and suspicious symptoms. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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