Motor skills development by age

  • Motor skills development by age

Gross Motor skills

Fine Motor skills

15 Months

Walks without help 

Creeps up stairs

Drink from a cup using both hands well 

Builds a tower of two blocks

18 Months

Runs clumsily; falls often

Throws a ball overhand

Jumps in place with both feet

Pulls and pushes toys

Manages a spoon without rotation

Turns pages in a book, two or three at a time

Builds tower of three or four blocks

2 Years

Walks up and down stairs by placing both feet on each step

Builds a tower of six or seven blocks

Turns pages of books one at a time

2.5 Years

Jumps across the floor and off a chair or step using both feet

Stands on one foot momentarily

Takes a few steps on tiptoe

Draws circles

Has good hand-finger coordination