Motor skills development by age

    • Motor skills development by age

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills 

1 Month

Demonstrates head lag

Has a strong grasp reflex

2 Months

Lifts head off mattress when prone

Holds hands in an open position

Grasp reflex fading

3 Months

Raises head and shoulders off mattress wen prone

Only slight head lag

No longer has a grasp reflex

Keeps hands loosely open

4 Months

Rolls from back to side

Grasps objects with both hands

5 Months

Rolls from front to back

Uses palmar grasp dominantly 

6 Months

Rolls from back to front

Holds bottle

7 Months

Bears full weight on feet

Sits, leaning forward on both hands

Moves objects from hand to hand

8 Months

Sits unsupported

Begins using pincer grasp

9 Months

Pulls to a standing position

Creeps on hands and knee

Has a crude pincer grasp

Dominant hand preference evident

10 Months

Changes from a prone to a sitting position

Grasps rattle by its handle

11 Months

Cruises or walks while holding onto something

Places objects into a container

Neat pincer grasp

12 Months

Sits down from a standing position without assistance 

Walks with one hand held

Tries to build a two-block tower without success

Can turn pages in a book