Reasons to Go to the Emergency Rooms

There is nothing as disappointing in this world as finding you doctor’s office closed when you have a terrible headache or your child is wheezing! Unless you’ve had to endure such an unnerving scenario, you will never quite appreciate the significance of having alternative medical care providers who are available and accessible 24 hours a day. Alternative medical providers who come in the form of emergency rooms and hospital emergency departments.

Without emergency rooms, a lot of Americans would have been left stranded once their doctors’ offices were closed. The emergence of emergency rooms has really come as a reprieve to many Americans who can quickly and easily access medical care without having to wait for hours for their doctors to open their offices. Emergency rooms are literally in every neighborhood and they are helping millions access convenient medical services which proved elusive in the past.

Although the use of emergency rooms has grown in the past few years, a good number of Americans still don’t understand how and when they should use emergency rooms. The notion that emergency rooms are meant for trauma victims and people who are critically ill has contributed to millions of people shying away from using emergency rooms. A lot of people haven’t realized what they can use emergency rooms to access basic medical care services just like those offered in hospitals! This is why this post is aimed at addressing some of the reasons why one should go to the emergency rooms. Here are 5 reasons why you should seek medical help from emergency rooms;


Emergency rooms are right at your doorstep. If you are in America, I am sure that there must be an emergency room within a 5 mile radius from where you are living. You should therefore look to utilize these convenient services when you have any medical emergency

2. Diversity of services

Contrary to popular opinion, emergency rooms are not meant for the critically injured or the terminally ill. Emergency rooms have diversified their services and you can therefore expect to find almost every single form of basic medical care in any emergency room. Whether it is a toothache, headache, breathing difficulties, flu, fever, injury to the shoulder, sexual infections or any other complication, you are guaranteed to find treatment from an emergency room. The next time you have chest or back pains therefore and your doctor’s office is closed, head over to the nearest emergency room and get help.

3. Emergency rooms have modern equipment

The other reason why you should be keen to use the emergency room next time you have a complication, is because emergency rooms have modern day equipment and tools which help them administer the necessary treatment to the patients. From x-ray machines to high-tech laboratory equipment, emergency rooms nowadays are well-equipped to ensure that they administer the best possible medical care to their patients.

4. Affordable services

The narrative that emergency room services are expensive is well and truly behind us now because people have realized that the services are affordable after all. The stories you see on the internet and in the mainstream media are written by misinformed people who are using data from years ago to validate their lack of knowledge in what is happening in emergency rooms today. Had they been expensive, trust me the number of people using emergency services wouldn’t have doubled in just less than six years! People know that the services are now cheap and they are taking advantage of that. Don’t be fooled, try emergency room services today and you will be surprised by the incredibly low rates at which they are offered.

5. Quality medical care on the go

The beauty about getting medical care from emergency rooms is that you will not be bothered with unnecessary admissions and whatnot! Emergency rooms will almost always treat you and discharge you unless you are suffering from a very serious complication that requires extra medical attention. Unless the physician sees a need to admit you into a hospital facility, he/she will always treat you on the go and discharge you. This means that you will be having lots of time on your hand to continue with your work as you recuperate.

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