Bellaire ER Observation Unit

Medical Observation in Bellaire, TX

Medical Observation in Bellaire, TX

Medical emergencies cannot always be resolved within the first few hours of a visit to an emergency room. Certain illnesses do not necessarily need a full hospital admission but still require additional observation. Bellaire ER is capable of observing patients in our facility for up to 24 hours.

The ER Observation at Bellaire ER is comparable to that of any local hospital. Patients and their families will receive food, drinks, snacks, TV, and Wi-Fi. We know this time can be stressful, so let us give you a place to heal. Free on-site parking with 24 hour access for families.

What happens if I get worse and need to go to a major hospital?

If at any point during a patient’s stay, the physician feels they need to urgently administer a higher level of emergency care, patients can be transferred to any facility. Our staff will arrange the transfer from start to finish, including ambulance transport. Our staff is highly trained in this process to ensure a smooth transition. We will keep all family members up to date with the plan of emergency care near you.

So don’t worry about the level of care you need. Bellaire ER is especially equipped to take care of any illness, injury, or trauma in the Bellaire, Texas area and often has NO WAIT TIME.