Severe cuts that may require stitches : Emergency room

Severe cuts that may require stitches : Emergency room require stitches

If your cut is long enough that it might require stitches, go to an urgent care center. Urgent care centers are equipped with all of the supplies necessary for stitching up a deep cut or laceration. They also have physicians who can address more complex medical issues like fractures, dislocations and concussions. Another benefit? At urgent care centers, patients are generally treated within hours of walking in—as opposed to waiting days for an appointment at a hospital emergency room.

A trip to Urgent Care is your best bet if you have a cut that is relatively deep. Such wounds should be assessed by a professional, particularly if they could lead to serious complications such as infections or other long-term damage. In general, try not to leave deep wounds unattended for very long. A trip down to Urgent Care can save time and money and is better than risking infection at home (or worse). If you don’t have stitches or bandages handy, consider keeping a few in your first aid kit—you can buy small packages of them from any pharmacy or store.

If you’re just looking for some quick stitches and a bandage, chances are you can get that at your doctor’s office or urgent care. Same goes for things like broken bones—many emergency rooms don’t actually have X-ray machines on site, so they will likely just refer you somewhere else if they think it requires more attention than what they can offer. Plus, those big red ambulances aren’t just there for show; EMTs are specially trained and equipped to deal with situations in which time is of the essence—so if your issue doesn’t seem dire, go somewhere else! Less costly: It might surprise you that emergency room visits aren’t exactly cheap.