How Often Do You Really Need to Shower?

Showering and bathing habits have changed substantially over the decades.  For instance, in the 1800s, getting a bath once a week was the norm and soap was a luxury for ‘fancy folk’.  However, in today’s society, a common perception is that showering once a day is what any ‘normal’ person should do.  But is this really necessary or just a big waste of water and time? What is your showering frequency?

Is there such a thing as too clean?

Believe it or not, there might be.  Your skin is naturally cleansed through the beneficial oils that it creates in the absence of soap and water.  When you bathe, your skin is stripped of theses oils along with dirt and grime.  Therefore, bathing too often results in the need for lotion and other products to restore your skin’s natural balance.

However, these oils do more than just moisturize your skin.  They also contain helpful bacteria that build antibodies to guard your skin from infections and other diseases.  This same layer of bacteria and dead skin cells also provides a physical barrier against damaging chemicals that you come in contact with on a daily basis.  You won’t find that kind of protection in your local drugstore lotion; the only solution is to shower less often.

What is the expiration date on that last shower?

Shower schedules are not a one size fits all kind of scenario.  That being said, experts claim that the average person only needs to shower two times every three days or once every other day, defining the “average person” as someone who doesn’t sweat excessively, live in a humid climate, or work with a lot of sick people.  For those that live outside this description, daily showers might be necessary.

Nonetheless, there is a new generation of bathers that are reverting back to the old ways of weekly showers.  Many claim that they have been able to alleviate skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis with this method, while completely killing their dependency on soap.

In the end, the important thing when it comes to bathing is to know your body and find a healthy balance for your skin, hair, and mental health.  And to avoid being the stinky kid in the office.

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