Throw Out Your Back

What It Means to ‘Throw Out Your Back’

One moment, you’re casually bending over in your kitchen to pick up a dropped olive or you’re on the couch and reach for the remote when BAM! you’re hit with a terrible pain in your back that would drop you to your knees if you could flex that much.

You are now the most recent contestant in the ‘How I Threw My Back Out’ game show that no one wants to be a part of.

But what does the ominous phrase “throwing out your back” actually mean and what can you do about it?

Back Pain 101

Throwing out your back is a common expression for a sharp and sudden pain in your back that comes from an activity or movement.  The activity isn’t necessarily strenuous; it can result from something as simple as a strong sneeze but unfortunately, the result is usually agonizing.

While it might feel like your back is imploding in on itself in a fiery blaze, a definite diagnosis of back pain can sometimes remain a mystery.  In other instances, the root of the pain can be pinpointed to muscle spasms or spinal disc problems by your physician.

Preventing a Thrown Back

It’s almost impossible to completely prevent unexpected back pain that can strike from any minute movement.  Thankfully, there are lifestyle choices that can help reduce your overall chance of chronic back problems.

  • Stand up straight.  It sounds too simple, but poor posture is a huge contributor to back problems.
  • Lift objects properly.  Use your knees to lift heavy items while keeping your back straight.
  • Exercise Regularly.  Staying in shape strengthens your muscles, making them less prone to strains and future issues.
  • Don’t wear high heels.  Although they make your legs look amazing, heels create body misalignment, especially along your spinal cord.
  • Stay at a healthy weight.  Excess body fat puts strain on your entire body, but your back is particularly susceptible and takes the brunt of weight.

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