Laser Therapy for Joint Pain

New Laser Treatment is Effective and Low Cost

Joint pain is one of the most common medical conditions in the United States – and probably worldwide. It is estimated that more than 50% of Americans live with chronic pain. Probably a majority of these conditions are joint pain conditions. Unfortunately, millions of Americans are spending millions of dollars on prescription drugs in an effort to minimize their joint pain. Most of these powerful prescription drugs only treat the symptoms of joint pain – they don’t treat the cause of the pain.

The good news is that medical technology and techniques continue to advance and now there is a very promising laser treatment that actually treats the cause of joint pain. This is a wonderful and promising treatment that hopefully can be used to treat joint pain as a standard treatment. It is non-invasive and early results demonstrate that it significantly reduces or eliminates pain with a relatively small number of treatments. This is extremely exciting news. Any treatment that addresses the cause of joint pain and allows patients to terminate their use of prescription drugs is a wonderful medical development

What is Laser Therapy for Joint Pain?

The treatment is known as low-level laser therapy or LLLT. One of the pioneers of this treatment method is Dr. Howard Cotler, an orthopedic surgeon based in Houston. He has been quoted in the press multiple times because this is a revolutionary treatment method. It has multiple applications for musculoskeletal pain including the neck, back, and leg and arm joints. Among the benefits are:

1) Reduces Inflammation
2) Reduces Muscle Spasms
3) Reduces Pain
4) Accelerates Repair of Damaged Tissue

In general, one to five laser treatments are common for actue injuries while more difficult chronic injuries may require five to twenty treatments. Each treatment costs between $50 and $100 – a very afforable cost.

Dr. Cotler has pointed out that thisis an FDA approved treatment/device and that it has other applications for promoting the healing of the human body. Some of these applications include the healing of wounds, dentistry. healing of nerve injuries, and ophthalmology.

Since this is a new and revolutionary treatment method most insurance companies will not cover the expenses. But this should change once they realize the effectiveness and low cost of the treatment method.

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