Prevent Heart Disease

Cardiac Wellness is a relatively new approach being promoted by some of the more forward thinking cardiologists. A majority of people in this country, perhaps 75% or more, can prevent heart disease. And if they have heart disease, they may be able to reverse it.

The “old” treatment for heart disease was imaging tests, drugs, balloon catheters, and other surgical procedures. These treatment methods still have great value but isn’t it better to never need any of this? New studies and new research are confirming what some doctors had realized many years ago – that lifestyle choices can determine if you ever have heart disease.

In very simple terms, a healthy body means a healthy heart. Your lifestyle choices will have a tremendous impact on your heart’s health.

What are these lifestyle choices?

  • NO Smoking
  • Little or No Alcohol
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Adequate Rest and Sleep
  • Low or No Stress

Doctors have been increasingly talking about these lifestyle choices and we are finding that healthy decisions in these areas have numerous benefits. A healthy heart is one of these benefits and one of the most important. Sit down with your doctor and discuss your lifestyle choices and make a plan you can live with. Prevent heart disease – you will be far happier and healthier.