7 Reasons You are Tired

7 of the Most Common Reasons why You Are Tired

When a patient says they are tired “all of the time” the number one reason is their lifestyle. Certainly there are other reasons but let’s focus on the most common reasons at the root of your “tiredness.”

Too much Weight / Sleep Apnea

In addition to your body having to carry around 30 or 50 or more pounds every day, obesity can be the root cause of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition in which the patient experiences dozens or more pauses in their breathing. Some patients have hundreds of pauses in their breathing every night. If you have sleep apnea then your mind and body are not receiving the rest they need every night.

Inconsistent Sleep Patterns

Having a routine sleep pattern and sleeping enough hours per night are crucial for your body to rest and rejuvenate for the next day. Most people require at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep per night. Sleeping different hours every day, or working day and night shifts, can negatively affect your needed rest from sleep. And sleeping too many hours per night can also make your feel tired.  So find a sleep pattern right for you and try to stick with it.

No Exercise

Your body was not designed to be a “couch potato.” Everybody should try to get into a routine of exercise on a daily basis even if it is just walking around the block a few times. There are many benefits derived from exercise including the internal production of biochemicals that make you feel more alert. Talk to your doctor about an exercise program for you and stick with it.


In today’s society we have a lot of stresses and many people are experiencing depression at some point in their lives.  One of the common symptoms of depression is fatigue or “tiredness.” If you feel you may be depressed in your life then seek out the appropriate medical help.  When patients “recover” from depression they will usually feel more energy in their lives.

Too Much Coffee

People who drink coffee throughout the day are consuming too much caffeine. They are actually developing a dependence to caffeine and will experience a form of withdrawal if they reduce their “normal” consumption. And any caffeine that is consumed prior to bedtime can interfere with normal REM sleep pattern, thus making you feel tired in the morning – which creates a “need” for coffee in the morning to feel more “awake.”

Iron Deficiency

You can be eating what you feel is a balanced diet and still have an iron deficiency. And vegetarians and vegans do not eat red meat, which is an excellent source of iron. Your doctor may recommend a blood test to confirm or eliminate iron deficiency as a cause of your “tiredness.”

No Breakfast

Your body needs fuel to operate during the day and multiple studies have shown how important a good breakfast is in the morning.  And I am talking about a “balanced” breakfast, not a piece of toast or a doughnut. Eat a breakfast that has some fruit and cereal or eggs.  A good breakfast goes a long way to preventing fatigue during the day.