Things Emergency Rooms Will Not Tell You

As a patient in an emergency room, there are things that doctors will not tell which in fact can help save your life, money and even time. Here are 25 things that emergency rooms won’t tell you but are absolutely vital;

Don’t call us for a minor bruise please

The person on the other end will never tell you this directly but in real sense, they don’t want you to call the ER for such a minor thing. You are only helping to clog the system and take away precious time that would otherwise have been used to save another patient.

Never hang up on us

If possible, never hang up on an emergency respondent when you call in. There are people who call in to explain their problems and end up hanging the phone before the respondent can give you instructions. Always hang in there until we clear you or medical aiders arrive on the scene.

If you are stable, please come on your own

If you have something small niggling you but are in a stable condition, please don’t ask us to get an ambulance all the way to your place. That’s a waste of time and resources which would otherwise have been used elsewhere.

We care about you as well

Doctors will never tell you but they actually care about you more than you think. They have feelings as well and will be touched by your tears and pain. They will only act tough because they don’t want you to freak out because you think they are hurt as well. Doctors care about you more than you think.

Learn to say a simple thank you
As much as you are paying for the service, please find it within yourself to appreciate the effort of the nurses and doctors. It costs nothing but goes a long way in making the doctor feel appreciated. Be nice!

We don’t enjoy keeping you in line

Doctors and nurses don’t enjoy keeping you in the line. When they keep you waiting, it means that they are sure that you are not going to die and are most probably attending to someone who needs more urgent care.

Be attentive and cooperative

A doctor in an emergency room will never ask you to cooperate but they really want you to be as attentive and cooperative as you can. They know the benefits of everything they tell you and you need to follow what they tell you.

Take a rest means take a rest

If a doctor asks you to stay in bed and take a rest, he means it. He won’t insist on it but really.

We don’t trust you 100%

As much as you think that the doctor believes you 100%, they actually don’t. They know how cunning we humans can be and they know that we sometimes lie to get away from realities. It is however advisable to always tell the truth when you can.

We always try our best

Sometimes patients feel like the doctors don’t do enough to ensure that they are safe. Trust me when I tell you that doctors can only do so much. They want the best for you and will do all that is in their power to ensure safe treatment.

Open up

The best way to ensure that you get the right treatment, you need to open up and speak up. Never hide anything from us, every detail is important in ensuring that we administer the right medical care.

We don’t enjoy treating you for the same problem twice

The other thing that you will never hear from your doctor is the fact that they don’t want you back for the same problem they treated you for earlier. It only shows how reckless you are and you don’t heed to advice.

Call from a landline

Calling from a landline can save your life because we can pinpoint your location instantly. If you call from a cell phone, we waste a lot of time asking where you are or searching for you.

Come in the morning if you can

You think doctors enjoy working late in the night? They don’t! They won’t tell you that but they actually want you to come to the emergency room in the morning when they are fresh and the place is not as busy. Unless it is an inevitable emergency, make a point of coming in the morning.

Vomit and we will attend to you immediately

Yes, this is hilarious but it is true. However long the queue may be, the moment you start vomiting in the waiting area, you will be jumped the queue and be given immediate attention. It is a dirty way but it works most of the time.

We want you gone as soon as possible

We also enjoy quick turnover. We want to ensure that you are treated and discharged as soon as it is possible.

Come with an ID and a family member

For better identity and medical history come with a family member and carry an id.

Follow protocol in the ER

Don’t come around knocking on the physician’s door. Wait in line and you will be duly served.


It is not wrong to get an STD or some embarrassing disease. Be honest and we will give you the best possible treatment.