Top 10 Emergency Rooms in Houston

When looking for the best emergency room to go to for your medical problems, there are a few factors that you have to take into consideration. You want an emergency room which is well equipped and is staffed with qualified medical practitioners with numerous years of experience. You want an emergency room close enough to your place of work or your home because come the hour when you need urgent medical attention, you want to get to the emergency room in the shortest time possible. You also have to consider the payment modes accepted and the insurances they accept. Looking at these aforementioned factors together with the reputation of the specific emergency room will help you get the best possible options.

There are a good number of emergency rooms in Houston Texas and we have reviewed some of the best. If you are in and around Houston Texas, here are the top 10 emergency rooms that you should definitely ring during that emergency;

1. Bellaire Emergency Room

Bellaire Emergency is undoubtedly the best emergency room not just in Houston but probably in the larger Texas area. The well-equipped facility is operated by some of the best medical practitioners and physicians with numerous years of experience in the field. They have a quick response team and staffed enough to serve as many patients in the shortest time possible. They accept most of the insurance covers and offer other alternative flexible payment plans. If you are in Houston and want the best emergency room for you and your family, then Bellaire is undoubtedly your best option.

2. Baylor St. Luke’s Emergency Room

Located in Texas Medical Centre, this emergency room is staffed by certified emergency physicians and has first class equipment and facilities. They accept most insurance companies and have a clean record as far as service delivery is concerned.

3. Sacred Heart Emergency Room

They rank highly in the list of the best emergency rooms in Houston largely because they have one of the quickest response times in the area. Their facility is not as big but it is well-equipped and staffed by long time professionals who work around the clock to ensure that you have the best possible medical service.

4. Park Plaza Emergency Room

I live close to this emergency room and have visited them a couple of times in the past. They have great facilities and equipment and their office space is large enough to hold as many as 100 patients at once. Their insurance acceptance is somewhat limited but they accept most of the major insurances. They are a good option to consider as well.

5. Methodist Hospital Emergency Room

They offer quick response emergency services in the larger Texas area and they are very efficient in service delivery. Their fleet of ambulances come in handy when picking up patients but it is also their undoing because sometimes the number of patients supersedes the number of physicians. They are however excellent and offer affordable services.

7. SignatureCare Emergency Centre

Open 24 hours, SignatureCare is one of the best emergency rooms in Houston. They are well staffed by some of the most experienced physicians in America and have scooped up numerous awards in the past for quick responses. They accept most insurances in the area and offer flexible payment plans for the uninsured.

8. Memorial Heights Emergency Room

One of the oldest emergency centres in Houston, Memorial Heights is well known for their quick response and quick service times. The facility and office space may be small but the dedication and hard work of the staff members make up for the lack of space. Whether you are insured or not, you will always receive the best possible treatment when you need it most.

9. First Choice Emergency Rooms

Equipped with arguably the latest equipment and facilities, First Choice Emergency Room have embraced the use of technology in their day to day service delivery. Located in the heart of Houston, they are slowly growing to be one of the best modern day emergency rooms in the area. They accept most of the available insurances and offer other payment options for the uninsured. Their young and vibrant nurses and physicians will serve you in the shortest time possible. They are one to consider if you are in an emergency.

10. Clear Lake Regional Medical Emergency Room

The well-equipped facility at Clear Lake, is operated by some of the best medical practitioners and physicians with numerous years of experience in the field. They accept most of the insurance covers and offer other alternative flexible payment plans. They have partnered with other ambulance service providers and therefore have quick response times to help them get to you during an emergency. They are open 24 hours and are worth considering if you are in an emergency in the Houston area.