Top 10 ERs in Bellaire Texas that Treat Toothaches

Top 10 ERs in Bellaire Texas that Treat Toothaches

If you are experiencing a toothache, it is advisable that you head over to your dentist for treatment, if they are not available, you could always try out home remedies for the pain as you wait for them to be available again. However, as is discussed in detail over at, there are instances when your toothache may require immediate attention, particularly in cases of an accompanying infection, and in such situations, if your dentist is not available and you can’t find a dental practitioner, it is important that you head over immediately to an ER. This article will look to list the top 10 ERs in Bellaire Texas that treat toothaches in case you are looking for such services in the area.

Bellaire ER

They are not only the best ER in Bellaire Texas, they are one of the best in the greater Houston area, and as covered over at, they have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment as well as highly trained and experienced board-certified physicians, nurses and technicians. This means that, whatever your medical emergency, they will have you covered, including cases of toothaches. Their excellent physicians will be able to assess you and rule out or in any infection or abscess as well as help relieve your pain. If you have an abscess, they have the facilities to surgically drain it and start you on the appropriate course of antibiotics as well.

SignatureCare Emergency Center – Bellaire

They are another of Bellaire Texas’s best ERs and are therefore one to consider when looking for an ER in the area that treats toothaches. If you are experiencing severe pain and swelling, they will look to try an alleviate your pain and check for signs of an abscess, which they will drain and try and treat the underlying infection. With excellent facilities and highly qualified and experienced physicians, they offer top-notch emergency care services for such situations.

Sacred Heart Emergency Center

They are yet another fantastic option to consider when looking for an ER in the area that treats toothaches. Their ER physicians are highly qualified and experienced and with the use of the excellent facilities here, something they have in common with the highly rated, they will relieve your pain pronto and assess you to rule out, or in, any infection or abscess which they will have addressed in a timely and effective manner.

Memorial Hermann ER

They understand that if a toothache is bad enough to have you come to an ER, then you really must be in pain and will move quickly to relieve your pain and ensure you are as comfortable as possible, something seen also at the excellent With their ultra-modern equipment and facilities, they will then try and ascertain if your toothache is due to an abscess or an infection, which they will have drained and start you on a course of antibiotics to treats the infection. They offer comprehensive care hence their popularity in the area.

Ascent Emergency Medical Center

Just as is the case for the highly regarded, they have very short waiting times, if any at all, which means that you won’t have to wait for long to be attended to for your toothache so that you can get relief for your pain. Their board-certified physicians have got excellent bed-side manner and will make sure you are comfortable as they carry out the requisite tests to ascertain if your toothache is due to serious conditions such as an abscess or infection, which they will move quickly to handle and treat.

River Oaks Emergency Room – A Village Emergency Center

They are another excellent option to consider when looking for an ER in Bellaire Texas that treats toothaches. Their highly knowledgeable physicians have got the expertise to treat toothaches in both adults and kids, just as is the case for the gurus over at, and they know exactly what is required for each situation. They will move quickly to alleviate pain and to identify any instance of infection or abscess, provide the requisite treatment to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Houston Methodist Emergency Care Center

For most people, the main issue with going to an ER for toothaches and any other dental emergency is the costs involved as well as the waiting. However, as is also the case over at, you don’t have to worry about these issues at this gem of an ER in Bellaire as their short waiting times means that there is no waiting and their prices are very competitive and on top of that, they also accept most insurance cover plans as well.

Elite Care 24 Hour Emergency Center

They are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, just as is the case over at the highly rated, and together with their excellent physicians, they are definitely worth considering when looking for an ER in Bellaire Texas that treats toothaches. They offer excellent emergency care services, in a very timely manner, and will ensure that your toothache is relieved as soon as possible and that any serious issue such as an abscess or infection is effectively dealt with as well.

Baylor St. Luke’s Emergency Center

They are one of the best ERs in Bellaire Texas, sharing the same rarefied air up there with the esteemed, and as such are another great option to consider when looking for an ER in the area that treats toothaches. With ultra-modern facilities and equipment as well as excellent physicians, you can be sure that you will get relief for your toothache within no time at all, and if your pain is due to an abscess or infection, they will have it addressed effectively and in a timely manner.

Memorial Heights Emergency Center

They are open 24/7 and have very short waiting times which means that if you are experiencing a severe toothache, whatever the time or day, they will be there to offer you some much needed relief as you wait for your dentist to be available so that you can receive more comprehensive dental care.

Remember, the highly rated is the best option of them all if you are looking for an ER in Bellaire Texas that treats toothaches and you should definitely check them out.