Top 10 Reasons to Visit Bellaire ER

At Bellaire emergency room, our commitment is to serve the locals and offer live-saving services that the community deserves. We have been in operation for a good number of years and over the years we have managed to win the hearts of the locals because of the quality of services that we offer. The locals love us because we are ever reliable and are always there when they are in need. It is no surprise therefore that we receive thousands of appreciation letters and emails from our patients every year thanking us for our extra ordinary commitment and enviable service delivery. Here are 10 reasons to be thankful for Bellaire emergency room;
Strategic location
One of the main reasons why the locals love us and have made us their preferred ER is because of our central location that makes it easy to get to us when you are in an emergency. We intentionally decided to bring the services closer to the people so that we can help them save time when they are in need. We know that seconds count in times of emergency and have made it easy for you to get to our ER.
24/7 services
We offer 24 hours services 7 days of the week without closing because we know that emergencies can strike at any point. We have day shift and night shift members which means that our services at night and late hours are just as good as the services during the day. This means that irrespective of the time of the day, you are guaranteed to receive the best possible treatment.
Pharmacy on site
How disappointing is it when you visit an emergency room and are forced to go looking for the prescribed medication elsewhere? Well, at Bellaire, we know how important it is to have all the treatment and medication you need under one roof and have a pharmacy on-site to ensure that all the prescriptions are given to you right after the treatment. This is more than convenient.
Great facilities and waiting area
We invested a lot of money in designing the ER and came up with a spacious waiting lounge for all the patients to wait for the doctors to attend to them. The view from the waiting bay is more than gorgeous and you will never get bored while waiting for your doctor. The atmosphere here is elegant and I can assure you that the wait will even seem shorter than it actually is.
Board certified physicians
For us to offer the best possible emergency room services, we needed to hire the best and certified physicians. Bellaire is therefore staffed by a fully-certified physician flanked by other subordinate staff who are equally certified by the relevant medical bodies. You can expect nothing short of the best treatment every time you come visiting our facility.
Friendly and experienced staff members
From the receptionist to the head physician here at Bellaire, everyone is extremely friendly and sociable. Through their many years of experience in the field, they are able to tackle all the problems they face with relative ease because they have almost seen it all. They all average about 10 years of experience and you can therefore expect nothing to go wrong when you are in their caring hands.
High quality equipment and facilities
A doctor is nothing without his tools of trade they say and here at Bellaire we have ensured that our physicians have the best equipment and tools to use in their day to day trade. We have invested in the best and latest medical equipment to enable service delivery to be easy and successful. From diagnostic tools to treatment equipment, we have it all here.
Functional lab
We have an on-site laboratory to enable us to conduct tests and deliver quick results as soon as you need them. Unlike other ERs that will send you to another lab for testing, we will do the tests ourselves and offer rapid results on the spot. We have incorporated technology into the testing and diagnosis of diseases and it has helped us to attain quicker and more accurate results.
Minimum waiting times
We have a very large number of medical practitioners and this helps us to offer quick services which means that there is very little or no waiting time every time you visit the facility. Quick services are our cup of tea and the locals love us for that.
Affordable services
Most people often shy away from visiting emergency rooms because of the exaggerated rates of treatment offered by most emergency rooms. This is not the case when it comes to Bellaire because we offer high quality services at a very affordable rate.
We accept most of the available medical insurances available in the area. We also offer flexible alternative payment modes for those who don’t have insurance. Whatever your means of payment therefore, we can always work something out.
We simply are the best in the business and you have every reason to make us your preferred emergency room. Contact us today and be part of the happy Bellaire family.