Top 10 Reasons Why People Go to Emergency Rooms

What comes to your mind when you hear the word emergency room? What are some of the reasons why people visit emergency rooms? Why is the thought of going to the emergency room so scary to many people?
To many, emergency rooms are places for people with critical medical conditions resulting from accidents or heart attacks. This is a belief that has been firmly instilled in people by movies and novels that paint a grisly image of emergency rooms as places of blood and horror. This is however far from the truth because emergency rooms serve more than just trauma victims and patients with critical medical conditions.
Emergency rooms are special medical departments equipped with special machines and facilities to provide immediate and urgent treatment for acute illnesses and trauma related incidences like accidents. They are however capable of handling a number of medical complications from the most serious complications to the trivial ones. This is evident from the sort of traffic that emergency rooms handle every day in America. There is a wide range of conditions that arrive on a daily basis in emergency rooms in America. So what are some of the main reasons why people go to the ER? Here are the top 10 reasons why people go to the emergency rooms in America;
Chest pains
Chest pains are common reasons why people go to emergency rooms because most people know that chest pains are indicative of far more dangerous problems such as heart attacks and lung problems. Every time you experience persistent chest pains, you should be keen to visit the emergency room and get the situation looked at because you might be suffering from something life-threatening
Sinus infections
The other reason why people flock in emergency rooms are sinus infections. This is the inflammation of the air cavities within the passages of the nose and are caused by allergies, and chemical irritation of the sinuses. This infections lead to congestion in the nose, coughing and even pneumonia. They account for a good number of daily emergency visits especially during the cold season.
Accidents and trauma
This is what most people believe emergency rooms are meant for. Trauma related injuries can be life threatening and they require urgent medical care from specialized physicians in eh emergency rooms with the help of special treatment equipment and facilities.
Lacerations and cuts
Most people can’t stand the sight of blood and any simple cut or laceration on the skin is promptly reported to emergency rooms. People with wounds, cuts, bruises and lacerations contribute greatly to the final number of people visiting emergency rooms in America and other parts of the world. It is advisable to take any form of cut or wound to the hospital emergency room for cleaning and suturing if it’s deep. This is to prevent germs and other bacteria from descending on the open cut and causing infections.
Back pains
They are caused by a number of reasons. From trauma to chronic back conditions, the pains are very common. People who assume the wrong sitting positions especially when working are at a great risk of suffering from acute back pains. Some pains might be indicative of far more dangerous complications and need to be reported to the physician immediately.
Shoulder accidents, orthopaedic injuries and small accidents around the house or the work place are another reason why people always visit the emergency room. They happen every day and you can expect a good number of cases to be reported in emergency rooms across the country.
Breathing problems
Any form of respiratory distress or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease should be reported immediately to the emergency room because ignoring the symptoms can be dangerous. Difficulties in breathing can easily lead to asphyxiation or chronic asthma which is so intrusive in life.
Abdominal pains
Abdominal pains may be indicative of problems such as appendicitis, gallstones, hernia and many other lower abdominal diseases. When you experience such pains therefore, it is wise to report to the nearest emergency room to get the required medical care.
Sexually transmitted infections, urinary tract infections and skin infections are some of the most common infections that are reported to emergency rooms across America. Without urgent medical care, these infections can become chronic and can be fatal especially sexually transmitted diseases.
Some people visit emergency rooms just for the sake of consultation and getting to know about their status and this is a wise thing to do. Early diagnosis of a problem is always good because early treatment will be initiated and the problem will be curbed with ease.
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