Trends in ER Traffic

Do you hate waiting in line to be served in the emergency room as much as I do? Well, I have good news for you today because I took time out to study the trends in the ER traffic and came up with a comprehensive report on the best times and worst hours to visit an emergency room when throngs of people will already have taken the seats at the waiting bay. So, what are the best hours to visit an emergency room? Why do emergency rooms take that long to serve patients who are in dire need of medical care?
Why do emergency rooms take longer to attend to some patients?
When observing the traffic trends in the emergency rooms, I realized that emergency rooms give priority to some medical cases and make other people wait in line for a little longer. They normally give priority to the most severe emergency cases using triage. Triage is the degree of urgency of an illness or a wound used to decide how quickly it needs to be looked at. This triage is reasonable because it helps the emergency rooms to save people in dire need first but it ends up causing gridlocks and long queues in hospitals because people with less urgent cases are forced to wait in line. If you are a patient who needs to visit the emergency room and your case is not as urgent, then you need to be careful at the times you choose to visit the hospital.
So, now that we know of triage, when are the best times to visit an emergency room when you have a medical condition that is not as urgent what are the best hours to visit the emergency room? Will the time I visit an emergency room affect the quality of service received?
A study conducted across American Emergency Rooms indicated that most patients who came in with urgent conditions on weeknights, weekends and holidays received a service that is almost 15% worse than those who visited the emergency rooms at regular business hours. By the percentage quality, we are looking at the time taken to be attended to and many other small factors which end up affecting the quality of care received. This is attributed to most medical practitioners ‘switching off’ during this odd hours and others even are away from the medical institutions. So, what is the best time to visit the emergency room? When will I get quality treatment for my illness?
When are emergency rooms least busy?
The best hours to visit an emergency room for far less urgent medical conditions according to a recent study, are between 6 am and noon. During these hours, most hospitals don’t have as many patients waiting in line and you are guaranteed to get quality medical care. Quality because at these point of the day, almost all the emergency room staff are present. They are fresh and will give you all the attention you need in as little time as possible. For the people that love coffee as they wait in line as well, this is the only hour you are guaranteed to get fresh coffee.
Emergency room professionals and other medics recommend it themselves. They confess that they are normally under pressure when they have more than 20 patients waiting in line and therefore tend to hurry in their service delivery. The case is a little different for severe emergency cases. Here is how;
When you have been involved in an accident and you have severe wounds or bleeding, research shows that the best times to visit the emergency rooms are between 0000hrs and 0600hrs in the morning. Yes, I know it’s impossible to plan for an accident that gives no warning, but these are the times of the day when you are guaranteed to get super quick help. At these hours, most emergency centres are literally empty and the doctors and nurses are waiting for the next call. They have all the space and access to all the facilities they need to facilitate rapid treatment.
If your medical condition is not as severe from the onset and you have an option of choosing the best time to go to the emergency room, then your best bet is anything between 0600hrs and 1200hrs. If your condition is too severe for you to wait, never hesitate to immediately head to the emergency room. Using the triage, the medical practitioners will be able to help you without you having to wait in line.
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