Warning Signs of Common Infections – Bellaire ER

Infections, it seems, are waiting in the sidelines, patiently waiting to make their strike at a time when your immune system cannot stand anything else. Some of the most common areas of your body that you could experience an infection would be your skin, respiratory system, urinary tract, digestive tract, surgical wound sites, injury sites, and that is to name a few.

Most individuals do not realize that infections can lead to such severe complications and therefore the reason why you should seek care so quickly when you realize there are warning signs.

Infection can take you down the road to some serious complications, so it is vital to reach out for medical care if you realize the warning signs. Bellaire ER is open for you 24 hours each day, every day of the week, so if you are suspecting an infection, we can usually prevent it from spreading.

General Symptoms

It doesn’t matter where you think you have an infection; you will usually have a fever. Most of the time you don’t have to worry about the temperature until it gets to be 101 or higher. If this happens, you should go to Bellaire ER. If you happen to experience a headache, a decrease in your appetite, have the chills, your body is trying to tell you that your immune system is working hard in responding to an infection somewhere in your body.

If it becomes a systemic infection (sometimes called sepsis), you will feel an overall sense of fatigue. Your overall energy level is at an all-time low, and no matter how much sleep you get, you will still feel tired.

Signs of Skin or Wound Infection

If you have had an injury lately, like a surgery or other cut, then the area that has been assaulted will be vulnerable to infection. Besides malaise and fever, you can also progress to having swelling and redness at the injury or incision site. If this site feels hard or hot to the touch, good chances are that it could be infected. If there is any pain or pus starts draining from that area it is for sure there is an infection, and you need to get to Bellaire ER for them to address the issue.

Urinary infections

Infections of the urinary tract can happen after someone has surgery or most commonly, they occur because of someone’s bad personal hygiene habits. If your urine smells nasty or burns, and you need to go pee every little bit, and it seems like it is urgent when you need to go could indicate you have a urinary tract infection. Make sure you have it checked out at Bellaire ER to get some relief before the infection can make it to your kidneys.

Respiratory Infections

There might be a respiratory infection show up after you have surgery, but it can also show up because of infected sinuses, the flu, or if you have a cold. Some of the signs are a runny nose, respiratory symptoms, cough, congestion, and a sore throat. The mucus that you feel like is exuding from every orifice on your face will be green or yellow when you cough, sneeze or blow your nose.

Digestive Tract Infections

One of the common infections of the digestive tract is gastroenteritis, and it can cause you some seriously bad symptoms. Gastroenteritis will almost never resolve by itself and usually leads to some severe vomiting and some nasty diarrhea which puts you at a high risk of dehydration that makes you need to make a trip to Bellaire ER.

If your diarrhea can’t be stopped, if you see blood in your stool in the commode, have a fever with it, and have muscle aches; you must seek out help at Bellaire ER. You are probably developing dehydration from losing too many fluids and electrolytes from diarrhea. If you are having abdominal cramps and feeling lethargic, you will need the care for a digestive infection.

Serious signs of an infection

When you are noticing what you feel are the first signs of an infection, getting treatment can stop the progression of the infection from going to other areas of your body. If you decide to ignore those signs of infection or it strikes quickly, you might encounter some horrible problems that will need urgent attention. Never hesitate to come to Bellaire ER if should develop a fever over 103, dizziness, difficulty breathing, or lose consciousness.

At Bellaire ER, you know you will get the care specialized to your situation to evaluate the suspected infections, get rid of your pain, and to prevent some serious complications. Going to Bellaire ER, you will be offered all the services of a hospital emergency room but no wait time every day.