What are Benefits of a Freestanding Emergency Room

Freestanding emergency rooms have been on the rise in America and their rise has not been a fluke. They have been hailed as a better alternative to the likes of traditional emergency departments and urgent care centers.

Freestanding emergency rooms have not only grown in numbers but in popularity as well and today, we want to take a look at why a lot of people are falling in love with these emergency rooms in America. What are some of the advantages of freestanding emergency rooms? Why should you look forward to visiting a freestanding emergency room the next time you have a medical emergency? Here are 5 advantages of freestanding emergency rooms;

Advantages of freestanding emergency rooms

Quality care independent of hospital politics

Unknown to many, hospital emergency departments, suffer from a lot of affair meddling from other departments of the hospitals and this affects the quality of care provided. See, the success of the emergency department is dependent on the corporation of the other departments in the hospital. If the other departments are sluggish in their service delivery, the emergency department will be affected as well.

Freestanding emergency rooms on the other hand, operate independently and therefore there is no meddling of affairs by any other department. This gives the physicians and nurses to concentrate on their duties and deliver high quality results.

Shorter waiting times

Traditional emergency rooms have earned themselves a bad reputation for making patients wait in line for too long. Although some of this waiting is down to inevitable reasons, negligence and lack of proper facilities are some of the avoidable reasons which make people wait for too long in line.

In freestanding emergency rooms like Bellaire Emergency Room for example, the staff are always on hand to serve the patients streaming in and the waiting times here are very short. The average waiting time in our facility for example is below 7 minutes while that of traditional hospital emergency departments is estimated to be about 30 minutes. If you need quicker medical services therefore, a freestanding emergency room should be your priority.

Closer to people

The other advantage of freestanding emergency rooms is the fact that they are located closer to neighborhoods and are therefore accessible to most people. In the past few years, the only real option one had in case of an emergency was the hospital’s emergency department and a lot of hospitals were a fair distance out. This meant that a lot of medical emergencies ended up unreported.

Thanks to freestanding emergency rooms coming closer to the people, reporting medical emergencies has become easier than ever. People can access the medical care services whenever they need them and this has consequently improved the health standards in the country.

Open 24/7 365 days a year

The beauty of a freestanding emergency room is that you won’t have to worry about finding it closed at night or during national holidays. We all know that clinics, doctor’s offices and other medical facilities operate within a limited number of hours and are not always available.

As for freestanding emergency rooms though, you are assured that you will find the urgent medical care you require irrespective of the hour or day that you visit the facility. These emergency rooms are staffed and equipped to operate for 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year long. The next time you have a medical emergency therefore, don’t take any gamble, visit a freestanding emergency room where you are assured of getting the medical care that you need.

Staffed and equipped for every possible medical emergency

The other advantage of choosing a freestanding emergency room over an urgent care for example, is that you are assured of getting quality medical care from qualified medical practitioners at all times. Although urgent care centers are staffed by physicians, a lot of the time they are run by nurses and assistant physicians. Furthermore, these facilities are not as well-equipped and will not competently handle a number of the medical emergencies.

Freestanding emergency rooms on the other hand, are staffed by board-certified physicians and registered nurses. At all times, you are guaranteed of seeing a physician and getting high quality medical care. These emergency rooms are also properly equipped and have the necessary medical facilities and equipment to handle every possible medical condition.

If you are in Bellaire and are wondering whether an emergency room would be appropriate for your medical care, then give us a call here at Bellaire Emergency Room and we will give you a reason to choose us always.

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