What if I have Trouble with My Insurance Company? How Bellaire ER can Help

What if I have Trouble with My Insurance Company? How Bellaire ER can Help
After you visit an ER such as Bellaire ER, issues may arise, whereby your insurer refuses to pay for the cost of care. Being hit with a huge medical bill can mess up your credit score in a big way. However, you do not have to take lying down. Here are a few tips that we at Bellaire ER think can help you with any problems you may have from your insurer.
Review your bill and check it for mistakes
The billing department at the ER usually handles huge amounts of data. It is quite common for bills to have some errors in them. In fact, around eighty percent of all medical bills have some errors; this can be tiny or quite significant. In some cases, you will receive a bill for a service you were never given. Besides that, the date on your bill might have problems.
Even for treatment that you received, the charges for various items in the bill can sometimes be exaggerated. The result is that the insurer may set an upper limit or only cover you if you use generic medical products. Besides that, there may have been unexpected changes to your insurance policy. In such a case, we recommend that you always open and read all the mail that you get from your insurer.
To help you understand your bills and avoid conflict with your insurer, we can itemize your bill for you. Any issues you see on the bill that do not appear to make sense such as multiple test charges, and ER-based items such as blankets and gloves, should be questioned.
We also advise you to hold on to any bills that you get from the ER. Ensure that you record all calls and include details of whom you spoke with and when. Whenever you receive any emails, ensure that you maintain them. This will help you with your case. If you are given an advanced estimate, and the bill goes over the estimate, you should ask why. In most cases, you should find out whether the ER will agree to take the lower rate given to you.
Educate yourself on balance billing
If you receive a hefty co-pay bill from a doctor you do not recollect seeing, you should be aware that there are many people working behind the scenes to provide you with quality care. If some of these providers are out of network, they will charge more, and your insurer will not cover you. This means you will have to cover the balance. This is known as balance billing, and it happens quite often.
In some states, there is legislation to prevent this from occurring while there is no such legislation in others. The federal government is silent on this issue. However, there are more states working to create laws protecting patients from such practices. We advise you to research the laws of the state in which you live.
When you get a hefty bill from the insurer, we advise you to get in touch with them as soon as possible. You can then ask the insurance for an itemized bill of the items they refuse to cover. In most cases, we recommend them to negotiate a lower bill for you.
File an appeal
If you are having issues with your bill, we recommend that you file a formal complaint with the insurer. In some cases, you can also file a case with the state’s insurance regulator. In most cases, your medical bill will have instructions on how you can file your appeal.
In the meantime, call the ER and tell them that you are disputing the bill with the insurer. If possible, you can request that the bill is not sent to collections. You should note that the ER is not obliged to stop from sending the bill to collections.
For you to dispute a bill, you have to make a written notice and documents that back up your claim. For instance, you will need to have records from your ER visit. Make copies and send them while holding on to the originals. If the dispute process proves too much for you, numerous resources online can help you.
Request for a payment plan
In case your appeal fails, and it is determined that you must pay the bills, the next step we advise you to take is to ask for a payment plan. Most of the billing departments at the ER will have a plan that has little interest. This is better than having a huge charge place on your credit, which can mess up your credit score.
Besides that, we advise you to look for a financial aid program that can assist you with your bills. These programs are great if you are underemployed. If you want aid, you may be required to provide proof of income such as bank statements.