What Laboratory Services Do Emergency Rooms Provide?

What Laboratory Services Do Emergency Rooms Provide?

The laboratory is an integral part of any ER. The test performed here help to diagnose patients so that they can receive the care that they need. Without a lab, the ER would just not function. If you want to find out what tests you can get at the ER such as Bellaire ER, read on.

Preventive Care services

Patient education is an integral part of health care. At an ER laboratory, they have the facilities to conduct preventive screening when necessary. At the laboratory, you can get preventive checkups as well as advice on healthy habits you should follow. However, the preventive care services offered at ER labs are not as comprehensive as those offered at other general labs are. It is important to note that the result of an ER lab should only be used to seek further advice on your health.

Organ-specific examinations

When you go to the ER, you may complain of pain in your belly or other parts of your body. In such a case, the doctor may order that an organ-specific test is conducted. This will help to establish what ails you and thus what other measures you need to take. This test is usually done after a careful examination of various symptoms expressed by the patient.

For instance, the test may help to determine if you have a ruptured appendix or your kidney is in trouble. The test is usually done with the best in medical technology and by an experienced medical expert. The results are then sent to the doctor, who makes the final determination of what treatment options you require.

Red blood cell antibody testing

Red blood cell antibody testing is one of the standard testing services offered by an ER laboratory. This is a crucial test, especially when you have lost a lot of blood. It helps to determine which blood group is safe for you. However, if you have already had this test performed in the past, there will be no need to test for it again. However, laboratories may still perform it to be sure that you have not developed any antibodies against a specific blood type.

Cytopathology testing services

The ER lab performs cytopathology testing when the need arises. This test is used to examine for any pathogens that may be causing any of the symptoms that a patient shows. It is a test that is usually ordered by the doctor to determine the best way to treat a patient. An ER lab will have the expertise to interpret all the cytological specimens that they collect.

X-ray services

This is a standard service offered by all ERs across the country. When you come to the ER after an accident or a fall, it is one of the first tests, which the doctor will order. It will help to determine if there are any broken bones and what needs to be done. It is especially so when you are unsure of the exact area of the injury. For instance, it can help to determine if you have fractured any of the bones in your neck. It can also help to determine whether you have fractured your skull.

CAT Scans

After major trauma, there is the expectation that you may have damaged some of your organs. While CAT scans may not be offered at all ERs, most of the ERs have a CAT scan machine. It will help to eliminate the chances of any internal injury. It is critical to the diagnosis process. For instance, it helps the doctor know whether you have internal injuries, which could bleed out and cause death if not treated.

Acid-base testing services

Blood is usually slightly alkaline with a PH of about 7.45. When this balance is affected, it can cause you major issues. Some of the symptoms can include fainting, shallow breathing, confusion, and an increased heart rate. If you have other medical issues such as a weak heart, it can lead to major health complications.

Most doctors in the ER will request this test just to be sure. Some of the common causes of this problem include overuse of alcohol, obesity, and problems with the nervous system. It is thus very important that you are candid when you get to the hospital, to help determine the best cause of treatment.

Urinalysis testing services

Urinalysis is performed for various reasons and is crucial to any diagnosis in the ER. For one, it can help to determine whether you have been the victim of any malicious poisoning. It can also be important in helping to determine what kind of drugs are in the patient’s system, especially when they are incoherent. It can also be useful in helping determine what disease is ailing the patient.


These are just a sample of the services that you can get at a standard ER laboratory. They have a lot of equipment and capabilities to diagnose patients. It is recommended that you bring as much medical information with you to help eliminate some of suspected causes of your condition.