What’s the Emergency Room Like

The emergency room is abuzz with activity and for first timers, it might give the impression that no one cares about you. Truth be told though, emergency rooms are very busy and all the patients that walk through their doors must be duly served. If you have never been to an emergency room and are wondering what to expect, then read on and by the end you will have a better idea of what to expect in an emergency room.

Contrary to popular opinion, emergency rooms can treat almost any form of illness irrespective of its severity. The notion that emergency rooms are meant for the terminally ill or the critically injured is misinformed and baseless. Emergency rooms can treat minor illnesses as well as serious medical conditions.

When you walk into an emergency room with any illness, expect the following to experience the following procedures. They are not in any specific order but encompass what it is that generally goes on in emergency rooms;

Ushering and provision of personal information

Just like any medical facility, once you visit an emergency room, you will be required to provide personal information at the reception. You will need to provide personal address, insurance information and other important pieces of information.

Screening and quick diagnosis

An emergency room physician or nurse will conduct thorough screening to understand the problem bothering you. This initial diagnosis is conducted by a nurse or a technician and it is aimed at finding out what it is that is bothering you.

Special tests

Depending on what it is that you are suffering from, there are further tests that may be required to further understand you problem. In the emergency room, expect X-rays, blood tests, CT scans, ultrasounds and many other medical aimed at fully understanding your problem and coming up with a comprehensive report on what is truly bothering you.

Treatment and medication

After determining what exactly it is that is bothering you, the physician will then administer the most appropriate treatment. The treatment might be in form of an injection or prescribed medication. This will all depend on whatever it is that is bothering you.


Yes, emergency rooms are can conduct some minor surgeries if need be. Don’t be surprised therefore to see the nurse wheel you into the operating room for the shrapnel to be removed from your leg! It’s a normal day in the emergency room.

Referral to other facilities

If a physician deems your medical condition critical, he/she will do everything possible to limit any damage while making a call on the best possible hospital nearby for you to be transferred to. Although most emergency rooms are well equipped, they most of the time don’t have every facility and all the required specialists to warrant comprehensive treatment. They therefore will do everything possible to make you comfortable and then send you out to the hospital for more treatment.


Emergency rooms are not solely for treatment and medication. They are good places to consult with medical personnel and ask as many questions as you can. A lot people don’t use them this way but it is really important that you talk to the physicians and let them know what it is that you are worried about. The information you get will help you manage your medical conditions and stay safe.

Medical report

At the end of the ER visit, the physicians or the nurses will take time to inform you of your medical diagnosis and offer treatment recommendations. Your recommendations will be for discharge from the ER, admission to a specific specialty area of the hospital, or transfer to a medical facility best suited to care for your specific health need. Even without treatment, the physician can offer free advice on how you should go about your problem to avoid any further problems.


After the treatment and presentation of the medical report, you will then be required to checkout. This is where your total bill is looked at and emailed to you. If you are supposed to pay with cash, then this is the point where you pay for the services received before heading home.

And that, is what a typical day in the emergency room looks like. They are some of the most notable evens in emergency rooms across the country. This of course depends on your medical condition and the state you are in when coming into the emergency room.

Want to demystify your belief about emergency rooms in Texas? Well, visit our facility here in Bellaire near Galleria and we will show you around and help you understand what happens in an emergency room. Understanding what goes on in emergency rooms will help you to see a reason to seek medical help from one of them when need arises.