When to Visit a Clinic? Illness that is “going around”

When to Visit a Clinic? Illness that is “going around”

Infectious diseases are quite common in any society. For instance, there will be occasional pink eye breakouts, or the flu going around. In most cases, such illnesses are usually mild and will go away after a few days. However, sometimes, this does not happen. That is why we at Bellaire ER have prepared this guide to help you know when a visit to the clinic is necessary.

Understand how infectious diseases spread

In medicine, a common philosophy is that prevention is better than cure. While it can be difficult to avoid an infection airborne illness going around, there are steps you can take to minimize the risks.

The first step you need to take is by observing proper hygiene. That means you will need to wash your hands all the time. Every few hours, wash your hands, especially if you are in a public place such as a school. It is especially important to do so each time you visit the bathroom, before meals and each time you think you might put something in your mouth soon.

Besides that, it may be necessary for you to stay away from the public are if you can avoid it. For instance, if something is going around in your school, missing school for that week could help you avoid the worst of it. If you do catch it, you will have to miss school anyway.

The other step you need to take is to avoid being too close to people who have the bug that is going around. For instance, if your friend is away from school or work because of an infectious illness, now might not be the best time to visit them. The only thing that your visit will earn you is a bug, which will cause you to miss school or work. Wait until they get better before you visit them.

Additionally, you should watch out for the food you eat. If there were, an infection going around, it would be best for you to eat at home. Ensure that all the food you eat is properly cooked and prepared in a hygienic manner. If you are eating fruits, ensure that you wash them and peel them yourself. Eating street food would not be a good choice at any time. However, during an outbreak, it is even more advisable to avoid it.

When to see a doctor

For a skin infection, you should see the doctor if the infection does not subside after seven days. Besides that, it is advisable to see a doctor if purse starts coming out of the infected area in large quantities. If not treated in good time, it could lead to permanent scarring.

For something such as pink eye, a visit to the doctor is usually not needed. Just a few days of rest at home is usually enough to help you heal. However, you may need to go see a doctor if you get more than just a tiny amount of discharge. Besides that, if your eyelids are stuck together in the morning when you awaken, you may have to visit the clinic. It could be a sign that the viral load is growing to unmanageable levels.

If you have pink eye, severe pain is also a reason to visit the clinic. In most cases, a bit of discomfort is expected. However, if the pain turns into a throbbing pain that keeps you awake all night, a visit to the ER is definitely needed. You should also visit the clinic if the condition goes away after about a week and recurs a few days later. It might be a sign that your body needs more time to heal.

For a cold or flu, anything that goes beyond a few days is a sign that you need to visit a clinic. For instance, if the symptoms of a cold go beyond seven days, go to the clinic to get a professional opinion on your condition.

It is especially important to make a clinic visit if you are an at-risk person. For instance, if you are an older adult aged 70 and above, even a simple cold could turn out to be worse. This is because your immunity has already been weakened by old age.

Another reason to visit a clinic is if everyone else appears to respond to medication but you. This is especially important if they are your fellow family members. Members of the same family should have a similar genetic makeup and thus similarly respond to medication for the same bug.


If you notice that you are the only one who appears to be sick after everyone else’s symptoms have improved, call the clinic, and make an appointment. That way, you do not have to wait in line while you feel terrible. The doctor will be able to determine in just a few minutes whether you have something worse.