Why Bellaire ER has the shortest wait Times

Why Bellaire ER has the shortest wait Times
When you have a medical condition and get to an Emergency Room, one always expects to be attended to immediately so that they can get back to their normal self and activities. However, if you visit most Emergency Care centers, you will notice that you will not always get what you want. Emergency Rooms usually receive thousands of patients every day, and regardless of the time you get there, you will always find people in line waiting to be treated. The wait is always annoying and unnerving for most.
Bellaire ER is one of the Emergency Care centers that understands this experience patients have. As such, we have taken the necessary measures to ensure that our patients wait for the least amount of time possible on the line for treatment by having the shortest waiting times. Here are some of the reasons why with us, you will spend less time waiting for your turn to be treated.
1. Full Operation 24 hours every day
We at Bellaire ER understand that emergencies can pop up at any time. As such, we operate 24 hours every day to ensure that every patient is attended to at whichever time they come to us. Research has revealed that the best times to visit the emergency room are between 6 in the morning and 12 in the afternoon. It has also been documented that the worst times to visit the emergency room is between 2 in the afternoon and midnight.
While this might be true, you can expect a much shorter waiting time with us regardless of the time you get. Treatment of patients is done fast but professionally to ensure that every patient is relieved of their pain within the shortest time possible.
2. Good doctor to patient ratio
One of the main reasons why most emergency rooms have a very long waiting time is that they are mostly understaffed. An effective emergency room is one whose ratio of medical practitioners to patients is good. If the number of medical practitioners is low, then they may be overwhelmed by the number of patients hence reducing their effectiveness. Given the constant flow of patients in the Emergency Room who are being attended to by just a handful of practitioners, the patients will have to wait longer for them to be treated.
The situation in Bellaire Emergency Room is as one would desire in any Emergency Care center. We have an admirable medical practitioner to patient ratio to ensure that all patients are treated quickly and with quality service. Our doctors are always present to ensure that even the least of complaints by our patients are attended to. As such, you can always expect a very short waiting time with us.
3. Availability of facilities
For treatment to be done, medical practitioners need to have the necessary medical equipment. The number of medical equipment crucial for the treatment of patients in an Emergency Care center is a factor that affects the amount of time patients will take waiting for their turn to be treated. If the facilities are few and are to be shared by many, the medical practitioners may have to wait for another practitioner to finish with the equipment first before they use it on other patients.
At Bellaire ER, we have invested in the best medical equipment that is sufficient and capable of handling the number of patients who visit our facility. Our staff is also well-trained and experienced in handling this medical equipment. They are always ready to attend to you within the shortest time possible.
4. Effective handling of patients with varying severity of their medical conditions
In any Emergency Care center, you will find all manner of people with varied medical conditions. The severity of the condition will determine how soon a patient will be attended to. The rule followed by all emergency care facilities is that priority is granted to patients with the most severe medical conditions first like strokes, heart failure or persons with excessive bleeding due to accidents. Also, conditions that are limb-threatening considered to be severe and are to be handled immediately.
We at Bellaire Emergency Room also adhere to this rule. We always grant those persons with severe medical conditions priority first. However, this does not mean that other patients do not get attended to effectively. We have a good number of medical practitioners to ensure that every section of our facility has people attending to the patients there. But you will have to wait a little longer if your medical condition is deemed not to be severe.
When you visit a medical facility like an emergency room, you hope to be attended to immediately so that you would go back to your business feeling better. However, that is not always the case as different Emergency Care centers have different numbers of medical practitioners and equipment. You may end up spending a number of hours waiting to be treated.
We at Bellair ER have sufficient facilities, an adequate number of medical practitioners and are operational around the clock. While we cannot promise to attend to you immediately, you can be sure of shorter waiting time.