Why is the Emergency Room at a Hospital so Busy

Although there is a common misconception that the emergency room is the most expensive place to seek health care, the numbers tend to suggest that people love visiting emergency room departments now more than ever. If emergency room services are expensive, then why are more patients visiting the emergency department than ever? Why is it that emergency rooms at hospitals are so busy?

In the last five years or so, the number of emergency room visits in the country has more than doubled. This applies to the visits made to the private emergency rooms and hospital emergency departments. Why is this happening though? Here are 5 reasons why emergency departments in hospitals are always busy and full;

Sensitization and education of the masses

For a very long time, emergency room departments in hospitals were regarded as places specially reserved for victims of trauma and accidents. People regarded emergency rooms as places that are only visited when one is in a near death situation and needs urgent medical care. Through a series of sensitization programs and mass education, physicians and other medical practitioners have been able to spread word to the public that emergency room departments are not just meant for accident and trauma victims. The campaigns seem to have paid off because nowadays people flock the emergency room departments with a plethora of medical complications which are not necessarily injuries.

2. Accessibility

The other thing about hospital emergency room departments that has resulted in an influx in the number of visits, is the fact that the emergency room visits are accessible at any time of the day. Unlike the normal doctor’s office that operates between morning and evening, the emergency room department of hospitals is open 24 hours a day making it accessible to people at all times. This explains why more and more people have embraced the idea of seeking medical care from the department rather than going for the traditional primary care in the hospitals.

3. Quality services at a faster pace

People have realized that they can receive quality medical care at the hospital emergency departments at a faster pace. Although the emergency departments are more often than not flooded, you are likely to receive quicker treatment here than in the other hospital department. Nowadays, emergency departments are equipped with everything needed to offer comprehensive medical care to patients and people are looking to exploit this in the country.

4. Affordable service and insurance coverage

For a long time, emergency department visits were dreaded because they were very expensive and were considered a thing for the richest in society. This has however changed now that more players have come into the emergency room business and increased competition. The services offered in the hospital emergency departments are now affordable to many. Insurance companies in America are also including emergency room services as part of their coverage. This means that people can receive treatment in emergency departments and their insurance will pay on their behalf. Few years ago, this was not the case and any services received in emergency rooms was considered out of network and the patient had to find alternative means of paying for the services received.

5. Increase in the number of emergency conditions

Thanks to climate change and the modern day sedentary lifestyle, there has been an increase in the number complications and diseases leading to emergency department visits. Cases of flu, breathing problems, heart conditions, back pains and many other conditions are on the rise nowadays and this only means one thing- increased emergency department visits. So as much as the emergency departments offer quality accessible services, the modern-day lifestyle has also played a very big role in determining the number of people that visit the emergency departments. There is also the fact that senior citizens are growing as a percentage of the population and as we know, the senior members of the society are likelier to have chronic conditions which require multiple emergency department visits in hospitals.

The numbers are only expected to keep rising. Thankfully though, there are other private industry players that are coming into the emergency room business and are helping to offload the pressure from hospital emergency departments. With emergency rooms like ours here at Bellaire, we are able to serve locals and save them the agony of having to go all the way to the hospital to receive medical care. If you are in Texas therefore and are looking for a quality emergency room to provide quality medical care to you and your family members, then look no further than Bellaire Emergency Room.

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