Why so many emergency rooms?

If you have been keen enough in the past few years, I am sure you have realized that there are urgent care clinics and stand-alone emergency centres are popping up literally everywhere. In every corner I am sure there is some form of clinic or medical center offering some form of medical care. This is a change for an industry which for years operated in far-flung hospital and emergency offices. Gone are the days when a single medical facility served the entire neighbourhood. Nowadays, there are more than five medical facilities in a single street and this begs the question of why so many emergency rooms?

In the past year or so, the number of emergency rooms in America has doubled according to the data provided by the American Hospital Association and other state health agencies. We sought the counsel of a professional physician from Bellaire Emergency Room to understand why the emergency rooms are mushrooming everywhere. We wanted to know why the emergency rooms are so many nowadays and to know if the emergency rooms are actually receiving enough patients. Here are some of the reasons he gave for the rapid mushrooming of emergency rooms in America;

The demand for convenient medical services is very high

The key reason why there has been a rapid influx in the number of emergency rooms across the country, is the increased demand for convenient emergency medical services. People want medical services to be brought closer to them and they are more than willing to take advantage of the services that have been moved closer to them.

Cheaper services

With most patients paying for a greater percentage of their health care, and insurance companies pressuring medical providers to hold down their prices, the big push is convenience and affordable treatments. This is exactly what one gets from a medical emergency room. Patients have responded. Visits to emergency rooms are up an estimated 39 percent between 2010 and 2017, to nearly 220 million visits, according to studies by a national consulting firm. Patients want speedier and more affordable services that are closer to them. This explains the drastic decline in the number of people visiting the traditional medical facilities and the sudden upsurge in those opting for medical emergency rooms. To quench this thirst for cheaper services, medical providers are seizing the opportunity and expanding their businesses by increasing the number of emergency rooms.

People hate long queues

One of the other things that has contributed greatly to the increase in the number of emergency rooms in America, is the hate people have for waiting in line to receive medical attention. People want speedy quality services which are only a stone throw away. This is why they relish the idea of new emergency rooms opening up in their neighbourhoods. The medical providers are always on hand to expand their businesses once they sense an opportunity.

Increase in medical emergencies

Thanks to the modern lifestyles and general decline in health standards, there has been an increase in the number of reported illnesses and emergencies. Lifestyle related diseases and complications such diabetes, obesity, heart diseases and many others are on the rise. This means that the demand for emergency medical is very high. The few available service providers cannot comfortably handle the number of patients flocking their facilities and this calls for more emergency facilities to be built.

People hate unnecessary hospital admissions

The other reason why people flock emergency rooms and avoid traditional hospitals, is the fact they hate unnecessary admissions which end up interrupting with their schedules. Sometimes hospitals will admit patients not because it was necessary but because they need more time to administer the required medication. This can be inconveniencing to people especially those who are in the working class and need every minute of their time. Such people will therefore prefer to go to an emergency room rather than a hospital because emergency rooms hardly admit patients-unless it is a critical condition. The increased number of people to these emergency rooms is then interpreted as increased demand by the medical service providers and they will look to increase their businesses further.

Emergency rooms are profitable

This industry is booming and the profits obviously for the owners and service providers are very high. This is why they are looking to further their businesses. The preference that Americans have for emergency rooms over traditional hospitals has culminated into millions of dollars in profits every year. This has attracted even more investors into this industry. These people are also looking to get in on the act and rake in millions by providing medical emergency services.

Generally, we should not be bothered by an increase in the number of emergency rooms in our country because that is a great sign. There are other countries where people are travelling thousands of miles just to access a medical facility and we should therefore be grateful that the services are only a stone throw away here in the US.