Why Use a Walk-in Clinic in Houston

Why Use a Walk-in Clinic in Houston

There are some major benefits of going to a walk-in clinic. It is especially so when these benefits are weighed with an emergency room visit in mind. We at https://bellaireer.com/ have decided to help you understand some of the benefits you can get if you choose to use a walk-in clinic.

They are Easy to Access

Walk-in clinics have grown quite a lot in recent years. The benefit of having so many of them is that that you can access them with ease rather than trying to locate an emergency room. Besides that, the emergency room can be less than comfortable because of so many people in them. You are highly likely to catch an airborne bug in an emergency room where there are so many people.

Less Waiting Times

Another advantage of visiting a walk-in clinic is that you will be attended to quite fast. Since the ER is designed to attend to the sickest people, the waiting times can be quite huge unless you are in a dire situation. For instance, if you have a sprained ankle, you will not be given priority at an ER even though you may be in a lot of pain.

For the check-in to the checkout, the average ER wait time is about 20 minutes to an hour. It is entirely different to a walk-in clinic where most patients are attended to within just a few minutes.

It is Affordable

If you want cost-effective healthcare, a walk-in clinic is better suited for you. On average, co-pay at a walk-in clinic is between $25 and $75. In an emergency room, the average cost is about $150 to $500. Besides that, the differences in cost for illnesses and injuries are quite high. One survey found that the difference could be as high as $70 thousand just for treating a urinary tract infection. At a walk-in clinic, such steep charges are unheard of especially with such cases.

The Staff/Patient Ration is good.

Walk-in clinics have a very high staff to patient ratio. That means doctors and nurses can afford to give more time to each patient. It also means they are not overworked and are thus less likely to make a wrong diagnosis. The seating at these clinics is also quite relaxed. It is great for peace of mind as well as being assured of getting the right kind of care.

Long Hours of Operations

Long after your doctor’s office closes down, most walk-in clinics are still functioning. Most doctors have limited clinic hours and usually close for the weekends and holidays. If you have a full-time job, it can be difficult to make an appointment to visit the doctor’s office. It is especially so since most of them will not work on the weekends. Most walk-in clinics have a flexible schedule, which makes them great if you have a demanding work schedule.

A Referral Network

If you do not have a primary care doctor and you need a referral, a walk-in clinic can help you. Most of these clinics have a referral network quite similar to that which you would find at a primary physician’s office. Besides that, they can even refer you to a specialist if the condition gets worse and more evaluation and testing is needed. Since most of them have a large network, patients can choose a specialist or primary care doctor that is best suited to their needs.

Better Education for Patients

Since walk-in clinics have more time to spend with each patient, they can also provide better advice. They have more time to respond to any questions and explaining the diagnosis to the patient. Besides that, they are able to teach and educate patients when to watch for serious symptoms that could be life-threatening.

This information can help patients whose illness can be easy to treat if it caught early. Due to time constraints, you are not likely to find such help at an ER. Thus, if you have, a recurrent illness that you feel could require more instructions to manage; you should visit a walk-in clinic. You could get advice there that may prove crucial to saving your life.

More Services offered than at an ER

Some of the services that you can never expect to get at an ER include follow up calls and care. With so many patients requiring attention, that is just not practical. However, walk-in clinics can afford this luxury because of the manageable patient numbers. Besides that, most walk-in clinics allow you to give feedback on how they can improve their services. This is something that most ER rooms do not care about doing. Most of them will give you low-quality referrals or none at all.


Sometimes accidents and injuries cannot be planned for in advance. However, you can plan for the quality of care you will receive by deciding to use a walk-in clinic.